Meet Our Team

About our Acacia Angels

Our Acacia Angels are specially selected to join our team of carers through our rigorous recruitment process.  They are the foundation of our organisation and we provide them with all the necessary training required to ensure that your care is given safely.

An Acacia Angel is naturally passionate about giving to others, genuine, kind and compassionate.  No matter what your care needs are they will ensure that you are comfortable and treat you with dignity and respect.

We know it can be daunting to allow a stranger to come into your home so we will introduce you to our team straight away and the Acacia Angels will put you at ease so you can start to build a bond between you.

To find out more about what are Acacia Angels can do, click here and to hear what our customers have to say about us and the Acacia Angels click here .

Meet the Acacia Angels


My name is Echo and I have been working as an Acacia Angel since August 2021.I decided to become a carer when I was looking after family members and wanted to help others.


Hi I’m Manesa, being a carer it is my passion to take care of my amazing clients!


12 years being in care field, I have learned that, be grateful you have it better, then go out and help others.


Hi I’m Rabbia, I’m friendly and a hard working person who loves her job looking after people!


I did not choose care; it chose me when I had to look after a family member. Acacia gave me the chance to help others too who are going through difficulty, and to learn from and work with some amazing colleagues

Ko Yung

It may sound like a cliché but I got into care work because I like helping people, I get to meet people from all walks of life that I would have never got to know. I learn things every day which keeps it interesting.


Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.


Hi I am Emeliana and I am a carer. Caring about others and leaving an impact on people brings me happiness. Caring has many definitions to me. I think caring is the act of doing things that help decrease stress and improve the quality of life. Understanding care is really important!